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Clayman & Associates Branding Clayman & Associates Branding Clayman & Associates Branding Clayman & Associates Branding Clayman & Associates Branding Clayman & Associates Website Clayman & Associates Website Clayman & Associates Website
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About This Project

Logo design, stationery system, postcard, holiday card and website designed for Clayman & Associates, a marketing solutions agency located in Marietta, Ohio. Most recently named Clayman Advertising, the company moved from Akron, Ohio to merge with an existing marketing department in Marietta. It was important that I keep the “Clayman red” color that had been a main part of Clayman Advertising’s identity. I incorporated teal and brown for a more modern color scheme.

Oversized postcard announcing to their current clients that although they moved from Akron to Marietta, Ohio and changed names from Clayman Advertising to Clayman & Associates, they still have the same dedication to their clients. This was the first branding piece for Clayman & Associates, so I wanted to establish a playful, illustrative look using the limited color palette of their logo, balanced by sturdy typography.

Holiday card using a limited color palette in order to keep in line with the brand identity. Each card was customized with the company logo, client name and personal message. Cards were printed in house, cut and folded.

Website design showcasing numerous portfolio pieces along with company information. I carried the limited color palette and simple illustrative look that I had established for Clayman & Associates thus far throughout the design of this site. It was important to show that the company is focused on their clients, yet has a personality of their own, which is done in the style of writing as well as the images throughout the site.